Monday, September 13, 2021

The Spider Plant, is it a Pet-Friendly house plant?

Spider Plant
The third week of September is National Indoor Plant Week. This year those dates are:

September 12th - September 18th, 2021

Beautify your home and improve air quality. Celebrate National Plant Week and add new indoor plants to your home.

The Spider Plant is one of the more well-known and owned indoor plants. This plant is known for being an easy to care for indoor plant for your home.

The Latin name for the Spider Plant is Chlorophytum Comossum.

Spider Plants are also known to be really good for indoor air filtration. Spider Plants are Non-Toxic to Cats, Dogs, and People. 

So if your looking for a good non-toxic indoor plant, the Spider Plant is highly recommended. Spider Plants are readily available. The Spider Plant is a Pet-Friendly House Plant.

The following is a list of  Outer Banks Garden Centers:

Nature's Harmony 
(252) 473-3556

Kitty Hawk Garden Center
(252) 255-5229

Central Garden Center and Nursery
(252) 261-7195

And don't forget to check for Cat Grass, September is "Happy Cat Month".


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