Friday, September 3, 2021

National Wildlife Day on the Outer Banks

National Wildlife Day is a day to pause and appreciate the wildlife in nature around us. In addition to being mindful of wildlife, it is also a time to appreciate the Conservation efforts and Sanctuaries that maintain habit for our animal friends. 

This little bird was hanging out at one of the Dare County Libraries, on the Outer Banks. I wonder if it was looking for BOOK WORMS? Just kidding, it was actually interested in the berries on the bush. Dare County considers Wildlife when making landscaping plans for county owned properties, and here is just one example. 

Everyone can make a difference, efforts like planting a certain kind of plant or bush in your yard can promote wildlife. Filling in any holes that you dig or find on the beach, can provide safety for people and wildlife.

To begin your quest to learn more about the Wildlife on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the following list of Wildlife related organizations maybe of interest.

Corolla Wild Horse Museum - same link as above

Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education
1160 Village Lane
Corolla, NC 

N.E.S.T. - Network for Endangered Sea Turtles

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's -  National Fish and Wildlife Refuges Visitors Center 
(Located at the North End of Roanoke Island) 

Jockey's Ridge State Park

National Wildlife Day is also a time to remember the unsung heroes, that maintain and operate wildlife rehab for injured wildlife, year round.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission keeps a searchable list on it's website of Wildlife Rehabilitators that have been trained and licensed by the state of North Carolina. These Wildlife Rehabilitators care for wild animals until they can be released back into the wild.

It is always heartwarming to hear success stories of wildlife that have been saved by wildlife rehab. To have an animal returned back to the wild to carry on in it's natural habitat, pulls at the heart strings of many.

September 4th the United States of America celebrates, National Wildlife Day.
Please take a moment to ponder the wonderful wildlife around us, that share our world. National Wildlife Day is a day to Acknowledge, Celebrate and Learn about the Wildlife around us. So, how will you Celebrate National Wildlife Day? 
                                                                                                                                           Dare Greene

Please visit our Pet Friendly Places page where you will find some information about some of the places listed above, to visit with your Pampered Pet.

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