Saturday, September 11, 2021

National Pet Memorial Day on the OBX

Over 40 years ago, the second Sunday of September was chosen as the day to memorialize beloved pets that have passed away. This is a time to remember, reflect and be thankful for the precious moments shared. 

This is a photograph of Beau. You will find Beau's 19th Birthday post and a Special Memorial Post for Beau, on the Pampered Pets - Stories and Local Pet Celebrities page. There you will also find Special Memorial Posts for Floyd & Sasha Girl.

If you have a pet that you would like to request a Special Memorial Post for, please email. When Sunday arrives please, know that you are not alone and thousands of others are with you in thought on this special day.

Please Pause for a Moment Today, to Remember Those Lost to Us on 9-11. The Memory of this day will be in the Hearts of Americans Forever. We Will Never Forget. May God Bless America.

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