Monday, August 16, 2021

Remembering K-9 Cop "Hondo"


Hondo was an Outer Banks K-9 Cop. He was a Belgian Malinois, that was trained in Greenville, NC by Mike Bullock.

Hondo was stationed at the Kitty Hawk Police Department and was the partner of Officer Lee Twiddy. Hondo assisted in hundreds of arrest and exceled in narcotics detection and tracking.

Hondo was awarded a custom K-9, Kevlar vest, from Pampered Pets Guide, the first year Pampered Pets Guide was published. This was Pampered Pets Guide's way of saying; Thank you to Hondo for his heroic service.

Hondo retired at the age of ten and became a civilian K-9 family member of Officer Lee Twiddy's family. Hondo was awarded an honorable K-9 Cop retirement, after his 8 years of heroic service, on the Police Force.

Hondo has since passed away, but the memory of his heroic service to the community of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, will live on.

Hondo's story appeared in Vol. 2 page 14 & Vol. 5 page 16
of Pampered Pets Guide

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