Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Pampered Pets - Stories and Pet Celebrities' Post Added to site

 Yesterday a new post was added to this site. The title of the new post is: 

Pampered Pets - Stories and Local Pet Celebrities'

This post is filled with images and articles published in the past, by Pampered Pets Guide.

The age of the articles is noted, but the timeless images and stories live on,
and are still relevant today.

Not all articles that could be included, are represented. It was very hard
with 498 post, to choose.

Continued organization of the site is on going. Tomorrow's post will mark 
500 Post by Pampered Pets Guide.

Please also see the site page added Saturday August 7, 2021: 
This was to organize past Veterinarian articles,
published by Pampered Pets Guide.


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