Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Beware the Oleander - Poisonous to People and Pets

White Oleander photo by Seaside Photography
Beautiful blooms are providing a wonderful array of color in yards and roadway through out the Outer Banks and other warm areas of  America. 

Among these gorgeous landscapes lays a hidden danger.

The Oleander plant is not native to North America, but has been used in landscaping form many years in the United States. The booms of the Oleander range in color from pure white to a dark burgundy red. 

Oleander is an evergreen shrub that's leaf's stay green year round. The Oleander will stay in bloom from early summer through early fall. In some frost free areas it may stay in bloom year round.

But the Oleander is just a poisonous as it is beautiful. One leaf ingested of this plant can kill a grown adult. Pets are even more susceptible. 

Due to the Butterflies, Bees and other insects this lovely plant attracts, your pampered pet may pay close attention to this plant. If you have a pampered pet that like to chase insects, like mine, please be aware of the Oleanders.

If you think that your dog or cat has ingested any part of the Oleander plant it is very important to contact your Veterinarian.

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