Friday, August 6, 2021

Are Snapdragons Poisonous to People or Pets?

Yellow Snapdragons photo by Seaside Photography
Snapdragons are beautiful flowers. But before planting any plant in your yard, it is always good to know before hand, if there is a toxicity risk to people or pets.

The Latin name for the commonly known Snapdragon is Antirrhinum Majus. 

The good news is that Snapdragons are non-toxic to humans and pets.

The legend behind the name Snapdragon is actually literal in nature. The individual blooms of the Snapdragon flower have the appearance of  the head of a dragon. If you gently squeeze an individual bloom, the bloom will open in a way that resembles a dragon opening it's mouth and when you let it go, the bloom will snap shut.

Years ago people would send messages with flowers. The symbolism associated with Snapdragons is vast depending on the color. The Yellow Snapdragon represents Happiness and Good Luck.

Some people still take interest in the symbolism of flowers and there was a wealth of information on the internet, in addition to a number of books dedicated to the meanings, symbolism and secret messages sent with flowers.

The Snapdragon is a beautiful, non-toxic addition to any garden, for your Family and Pampered Pets to enjoy. Snapdragons are safe to have around dogs, cats and horses.

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