Thursday, July 29, 2021

Outer Banks - Purple Martin Bridge Roost

Purple Martin Bridge Roost Sign

 Each year in the months of July and August thousands of Purple Martins arrive to roost under the Umstead Bridge, known locally as the Old Manns Harbor Bridge.

This bridge connects the north end of Roanoke Island to the Mainland of NC. 

During this time period, the normal speed limit of 55 mph is reduced to 20 mph on the bridge, at dusk and dawn. There is a flashing light with the posted speed limit, that also states, "low flying birds" as a reminder.

Slowing down on the bridge not only saves the lives of the low flying purple martins, but can be an unforgettable sight and memory that will be recall for years to come.

If you would like to arrive early and watch the birds fly in, there is a lookout pier and small beach located on the west end of the bridge (Manns Harbor side). The small pier stretches from the left corner of the parking lot, out over the vast Croatan Sound and become a perfect observation point.

The above informative sign is located at this wonderful gathering spot to safely observe the purple martins fly in to roost. 

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