Friday, July 30, 2021

Firewheels of the Outer Banks


Firewheels on the Outer Banks - by Seaside Photography
Firewheel flowers also known as blanket flowers, Gaillardia pulchella and Indian blanket flowers are plentiful throughout the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

These flowers are a true native North American wildflower. They are annual and return, like clockwork each year. Firewheels thrive in the sandy soils of the Outer Banks.

Attacking butterflies and bees, not only are they a very useful plant to our ecosystem, but provide a beautiful splash of color on the roadside, yards and all though out the Outer Banks.

Some consider this wildflower, that is in the same plant family as sunflowers, Lucky. Since learning of it's luck, I now close my eyes and make a wish each time I see one of these beauties. 

Being part of the Sunflower family, Firewheels are Non-Toxic to People and Pets.

Enjoy the wonderful landscapes the Outer Banks has to offer and take notice of the little things. Don't forget to make a wish for you and your pampered pet.

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