Tuesday, December 15, 2009

George's Adoption Story

I just saw a picture of Sam the adopted Pekingese.

He looked so much like my George. I adopted George in 2005, he was only 1.5 years old then, and had already been in 4 homes including his foster home. I thought I was making a mistake at first, 4 homes there must be something wrong with this guy.

He just had bad luck and no one who was willing to give him a chance, his first owners were military and got orders, the people who bought their house took him with the intention of finding him a new home, found him one, didn't last, the lady gave him back. Then a few weeks later she wanted him back, they gave him back to her, she decided he was too much with her other dogs she already had, he ended up in a foster home for awhile, then finally me.

He has been the most wonderful guy, we all love him so much, and he truly brings us so much happiness, he even loves our cats. My mom made him his own blanket when I got him, he is like her 5th grandchild. I could not imagine not having him.

People really need to consider their circumstances before getting any pet. They have feelings, they feel happy, they feel afraid, they feel lonely, they feel rejection. Pets are living creatures not things we can return to the store when we don't want them.

The Pampered Pets Guide would like to thank George's Mom, Tammie for sharing George's Adoption story & photo with us.

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