Sunday, December 6, 2009


Currituck Animal Shelter Perfect State Inspection

A recent inspection by North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Division, State Inspector Joe Blomquist of the Currituck County Animal Shelter, which is operated by the Animal Lovers Assistance League, resulted in a perfect score! Although the shelter lacks certain areas and rooms now required by the state of more recently constructed shelters, the inspection evaluated the conditions as they exist within the limitations of the current facility.

Areas that are evaluated are the: Structure; Primary Enclosures; Sanitation; Husbandry (includes adequate feed/water, food storage, personnel and ratio of personnel to animals, and animals' appearance); Records; Transportation of Animals; Veterinary Care. Also checked were utilization of recent protocols and procedures that are now required and have been implemented statewide.

Members of the staff have attended these classes that have been held in various parts of the state. Vulcan Materials made a very generous donation of gravel that is now required to meet state standards. Being able to meet the new higher standards required by the state reflects very favorably on the dedicated efforts of the shelter staff to provide the best care possible for the animals at the shelter, and donations by numerous people and businesses.

Currituck Animal Shelter Staff as they receive a small Thanksgiving gift from the Animal Lovers Assistance League:(L-R) Sarah Capps; Shelter Manager Laura Marquette; Becky Beasley; Tim Puchett; Scott Bailey; and Barbara Martin.

Photo by Ginger Sikes,
President of the Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc.

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