Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Certified Dog Trainer" defined by Greater Coastal Canine Academy

"Certified Dog Trainer" defined by Greater Coastal Canine Academy.
Greetings, I decided write this in order to answer the all to often asked question: Are we certified trainers?

Our training staff consists of myself, and two other trainers, Jane, Becky and Mary. Both Jane and Becky combined bring over 30 years experience to Greater Coastal Canine. 

Becky being an Agility, Obedience, and a AKC competitor. Jane having completed a very extensive more than two year apprenticeship program here.

Jane's natural ability to work with humans and their dogs is by far the best I have seen in all my years of training, both humans, dogs, and trainers. 

Mary manages our store! And does a great job! As far as my experience, well I am not one that can market myself as or being "Certified". The term holds no merit in my opinion. The term "certified" in the dog world simply means that a trainer passed a test, probably online, simply to use it as a marketing tool.

Although there are organizations out there that you can receive a certification through, the reality is that:, Anyone can say they are a dog trainer! Pet Smart offers a six week course, you pass a written test and you are a dog trainer. The AKC offers a Evaluator Test that you take online and if you pass you are an evaluator for the AKC. BTW, I am an evaluator for the AKC.

This means that I can offer the Canine Good Citizen program in my school. It does not mean I am a certified dog trainer. The American Association of Pet Dog Trainers offers similar memberships depending on how much money you want to spend to say you are a member.

My point being that none of these organizations actually visit your facility, watch you train, and see if you are what you say you can do by passing an online test. Becoming a dog trainer is not like becoming a doctor, lawyer or even a school teacher. Nothing is required to be a professional dog trainer. No years of experience, or education are required. I wish there was but there is not.

So pet dog owners really need to do your homework. Visit different training schools, ask questions, and watch others in the class. Talk to students enrolled. If a trainer does not allow you to watch a class, I would think twice before signing up.

In my opinion there is a need for more good trainers. But are my trainers "certified" NO! My trainers are experienced, dog knowledge, trainers. My trainers have a real passion for what they do. My trainers have a strong desire to see that all humans and dogs accomplish whatever goal they set, be it manners or competition obedience.

I hope that this information will help to clarify something that really in my opinion needs to be made a little more public in the dog community.
So, pet dog owners,
beware! Ellen Carey, Greater Coastal Canine Academy

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