Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Beach Bound Hound" taking training into Real Life

Greater Coastal Canine Academy has announced "Beach Bond Hound".
We are taking our training into real life. This new program is a six week class that takes us to a different location each time.

The beach, Home Depot, and the Outer Barks in Duck are a few of our designated locations.

This class is geared for dogs and their humans that have had some previous training, and are now ready to work in real life environments.

Some of the exercises we will work on will be meeting and greeting new people, sitting politely for petting, and passing dogs.This class will run on Saturday afternoons.

Space is limited to six dogs per class. If you have any suggestions on dog friendly places that we can run a class please let us know!

Ellen Carey, Greater Coastal Canine Academy

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