Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rip Current Dangers & Your Dog!

Animal Hospital of Nags Head
Rip Current Dangers & Your Dog!

If your dog is like so many of the water dogs that live or vacation on the Outer Banks you can’t keep them away from the ocean. It’s like second nature for them to dive in after a ball or just to cool off.

 *Our pets have a tendency to get excited and overdo it when they are playing in the water. Many dogs have drowned when playing in the water with a ball etc. they are preoccupied with the game and playing with you, and wind up getting into trouble because they get too tired.

A tired dog can very easily fall victim to a rip current. Wearing a dog life jacket will give you the time you may need to rescue your dog from a rip current, or allow him to remain afloat and ride the tide back to the beach.

Never take your pet to the beach to swim when you see red flags out.
That is an indication that the rip current is to strong for swimming.

Barrett Welch, DVM (Retired)
Animal Hospital of Nags Head (Sold)
(Renamed business at this location January 2020 Sound Veterinary Hospital)


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