Sunday, September 20, 2009


Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc
The Animal Lovers Assistance League has just implemented two new policies at the Currituck Animal Shelter which will help make adopting a new pet even easier. The new "Sponsor a Pet Adoption" policy allows for a person who would like to help a special animal get adopted but he has no space, or the person has other limitations that prevent him from being able to adopt the animal himself, but he wants to help someone else adopt that animal.

The sponsor donates the cost of the adoption fee, which is $45.00 for a kitten; $85. for a cat; $75.00 for a puppy who is too young to yet receive his rabies vaccination; and $87.00 for a dog, which includes his rabies vaccination and other vaccinations.

Our first recipient of such a sponsorship is our beautiful snow white cat Casper. Through our "Pets for Seniors" Senior citizens are also eligible to receive a Senior Discount of $25.00 off of the adoption of any shelter animal.

Another new policy, "Free at Six " waives the adoption fee completely for an animal who has been at the shelter for at least six months, provided that the perspective owner meets the criteria set forth in the Adoption Contract. The adoption of some breeds requires a satisfactory home visit and an owner background check before they can be adopted.

Please contact the Currituck Animal Shelter to find out about how you may go about participating in these new ways of helping animals find a new loving home.

Ginger Sikes,
President of the Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc.


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