Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hot Sand & Pavement can Hurt your Pets Paws

This is just a reminder to all those out there sparing special walks and fun times with their pampered pets on these HOT Dog Days of Summer.

Not only the pavement in developed areas of the Outer Banks, but the beautiful natural sandy shorelines get extremely hot this time of year. The hot pavement and sand can not only hurt and cause pain for your pampered pets paw pads, but cause serous burns & blisters.

The best time of day to share those special walks with your pampered pet(s) is early morning or late in the day, when the ground has had time to cool.

This is one of the reasons the town of Kitty Hawk, NC and the town of Kill Devil Hills, NC have time restrictions on the time of day (During the Summer Months) that you can walk your pampered pet pets on the town beaches.

If you feel that this time restriction is a disadvantage to you and your pampered pet(s) don't despair, the local Outer Banks Pet retailers have you covered :-)

Many Outer Banks Pet Retailers have special pet paw protection footwear for your pampered pet(s) from the very small sizes all the way up to the very large sizes. To find protective paw protection for your pampered pet(s) paws.

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