Friday, June 19, 2009

DISASTER PREPS FOR PETS Animal Lovers Assistance League

Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc

Planning and preparation are the keys to keeping your pets safe during a disaster. Take them with you when you leave. If conditions are such that it is not safe for you to stay, they are equally unsafe for your pet.

Plan ahead as to where you will be staying that will allow you to have your pets. AAA, among others, publishes a book of pet friendly AAA accommodations entitled "Traveling with Your Pet". Have set aside in advance the following so that you can just grab and go:

Place documents and photos in a waterproof bag, such as a thick zip lock bag - Proof of current vaccination records for each pet .Rabies, ID tags, microchip information. Your veterinarian's phone number. Current pictures of you and your pet together and a description of each pet.
Proper size pet carrier for each pet.3-5 days of food, water, and meds for each pet. If taking canned food, take a manual can opener.

Pet beds, toys and treats; perhaps a small blanket. Put edible treats in a hardpet-proof container.
Cats - Litter box, scoop, and extra litter .Non-spill food and water bowls. Stackable ones save space.
Dry food - it should be stored in a cool, dry area.

Newspapers, paper towels, plastic bags for disposal of pet waste, cleaners/disinfectants, hand sanitizer. Collars, leashes, muzzles, harnesses.
Planning ahead now will help ensure that your entire family, both human and animal, will stay safe in a disaster.

Nancy vanClief, Chairperson,
 Animal Lovers Assistance League Pet Disaster Services,
 and Ginger Sikes, President, Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc.

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