Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vol. 7 Cover Dog “Buddy’s Story”

Buddy is a two year old Yorkshire terrier who lives with Adam and Stephanie of Charlotte, NC.
Buddy came into our world in the spring of 2007 and has been a blessing ever since.

He started off very shy but now loves meeting new people and other dogs. Buddy has had many exciting experiences in his short time on Earth. He has visited Washington D.C. and was able to tour the Washington Monument where he temporarily helped the grounds crew with their goose problem. He has also had a tour of Charleston, SC and Pittsburg, PA.

Twice a year, he gets to go to his vacation home in the Outer Banks section of NC where, he enjoys digging holes on the beach and learning to swim. While at home Buddy can be found heading up the neighborhood watch program at his apartment complex. He sits on his arm chair looking into the courtyard making sure that every stranger knows he is watching. At night he gets comfortable on the couch to watch the latest reality TV with his mother and Fox News with his father.

Right now he is anxiously waiting for football season to see his Pittsburg Steelers. Recently Buddy became big brother to Winston (the Western Highland Terrier).

Blog photo & story by Buddy & Winston's Mom, Stephanie.

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