Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Flowers & Dangers to Your Pet

Animal Hospital of Nags Head
Since spring is here and summer right around the corner lets not forget the dangers of the beautiful flowers to our pets. Anytime you plant something in your yard and you think your curious critter has a chance of ingesting check the internet for available websites to make sure that it is not toxic to animals.

If you think for some reason your pet did ingest one call your veterinarian immediately or the poison control.

Also let's not forget about our local favorites the sandspurs! We see these little "spurs" stuck in paws, ears and sometimes the mouth (under the tongue!). To avoid sandspurs stay out of those tall grassy areas unfamiliar to you. 

So have a Great Spring & Wonderful Summer! 

Barrett Welch, DVM (Retired)
Animal Hospital of Nags Head (Sold)

(Renamed business at this location January 2020 Sound Veterinary Hospital)

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