Sunday, April 19, 2009

News from the Outer Banks SPCA

Outer Banks SPCA Dare County Animal Shelter


“Winston”  He’s a wavy haired, black and white little lab mix about 12 weeks old.

Well this guy has been chosen by New Life Mobility Assistance Dogs to train with them!

 A co-founder of this organization saw Winston while in the area on a fund raising mission and fell in love with him. He came back to the office and inquired as to how he could adopt the puppy and put him immediately into training.

Once we completed the paperwork and verified the organization’s status, it was unanimously decided by our staff to donate the puppy to them. “Winston” has taken the first steps toward becoming an assistance dog for people with disabilities which limit their mobility.

I intend to follow Winston on his Journey and provide you all with regular updates- hopefully including his “Graduation” and placement. Please check out New Life Mobility Assistance Dogs @

The mission of New Life Mobility Assistance Dogs is “Specializing in the rescue and training of shelter dogs to assist the disabled, providing both person and canine with a new lease on life” 

This organization is also sponsoring a fund raiser here on the OBX called Cycling the Carolinas. This event will be held May 16, 2009 and is named the 10-25 Dare/Currituck Beach Lighthouse Leg and is sponsored by Outer Banks Triathlon.

If you’d like to ride in the event be sure to visit the website above for more details. Rich Crino Animal Control Officer, Dare County Animal Shelter Operated by the Outer Banks SPCA 

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