Monday, April 6, 2009

News from Ginger Sikes, Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc.


Fourteen -year -old Elyse Burwell is a young lady on a mission -- a mission to help animals and the environment. She heard about the crowded conditions for animals at the Currituck Animal Shelter and decided to try to help.

First she contacted Ginger Sikes, the president of the Animal Lovers Assistance League, which is the non-profit organization that operates the shelter, to find out their needs. Then she enlisted the help of some of her friends, including those members of a teen conservation group called Bob that she helped organize a few years ago . 

They decided that the best way to help was to go door-to-door in the 425 home Eagle Creek subdivision in Moyock and distribute brochures that tell of the need for a new, larger modern animal shelter in Currituck. They also decided to include a request for donations of pet food, toys, treats, kitty litter, and money for the shelter animals. The Wednesday delivery was followed by a neighborhood-wide collection on this past Saturday. Eagle Creek residents were very generous! 

With the help of her parents, Kevin and Steff Burwell, Elyse delivered to the Currituck Animal Shelter the large amount of donations from the residents of Eagle Creek of pet food, toys, treats, and other needed supplies, as well as $187.00 in cash and checks! Elyse had the pleasure of sharing some of the treats with several of the dogs, puppies, and kitties and watching their delight at the treats and the attention. She and friends are planning to help with next Saturday's Doggie Easter Treat Hunt at Maple Park.

Elyse not only volunteered to deliver flyers soon at River's Edge but to also become a frequent volunteer at the shelter to help improve the quality of life for the animals. The students and staff at Knapp College Prep School, under the leadership of principal Dr. Wes Smith, also did a successful pet food and supplies drive recently.

At Currituck Middle School last week students learned about "Choosing a Career That Will Make Your Heart Happy! --Careers with Animals". Animal Shelter Manager and Veterinary Technician Laura Marquette, Animal Control Sgt. Gina Maurer, Wildlife Rehabilitator Malene Webb, and Animal Lovers Assistance League president Ginger Sikes presented information about careers from Animal Shelter staff and Manager, to careers working in an aquarium and as an Animal Control Officer, to zookeeper. 

Many students indicated that not only do they have pets in their household, the have an interest in pursuing a career with animals.

 Article & Photo by; Ginger Sikes,
 President Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc.

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