Monday, April 20, 2009


Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc

We're Clamoring for More Space NOW! Debunking the Myths about the New Currituck Animal Shelter.

NEED - Current Shelter is much too small to house the number of animals received and to provide even minimal services. It has 14 dog runs and 56 cat accommodations. Average daily numbers 28 dogs; 94 cats. Spring litters bring 150 cats. We have an 88% adoption rate for adoptable animals. Shelter rules allow for five days before pets may be euthanized. Why would you do this to your best friend who loves you? Increasingly pets must be euthanized due to lack of space. Expansion of the Currituck Airport will cause the demolition of the current Shelter.

FINACIAL - Contractors and building services providers have volunteered $1 million in donated labor & services to build the new shelter (valid for a limited time).
Low interest rate loans may be available to the county through the USDA Rural Economic Development Commission. Building NOW while building cost are low saves money in the long term. The Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc. annually contributes approximately 30% of the operating cost of the Shelter.

VOLUNTEER SERVICES - 7 Paid part-time Shelter Staff. More than 250 non-paid volunteer members/donors PAY dues and make donations of money, services, & time to benefit the animals! ALAL Volunteer service amounts to over 1000 hours and more than $63,000 in donations to the county annually. 

 FACTS ABOUT THE NEW CURRITUCK ANIMAL SHELTER SIZE - Determined by the demographics of Currituck County and utilizing the formula of the American Veterinary Medical Association. DESIGN - Modern but not state of the art! Practical and offers services that meet the needs of a growing population of people & pets. In compliance with the many required state regulations & modern building design practices that help prevent the spread of disease. Use of "Green" building techniques. COST - Determined by building cost at the time of construction. They are lower now than anticipated later. A shelter slightly larger than ours in a nearby county cost $2 million in 2006. Building NOW will result in a long term savings. 

LOW COST SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC - A long-term cost savings by getting control of the ever increasing animal overpopulation. Many new shelters have them. Also revenue producing to help with operating cost. DOG PARK - Fun & Free use by the public. If the county hosts Eastern U.S. Dog Agility Competitions & Rallies, it can become an economic asset and built at no cost to the Currituck residents through the use of Occupancy Taxes.

OBSOLETE - According to statements by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and a national shelter architect, our current shelter is obsolete. 

WAYS YOU CAN HELP Volunteer / Get Involved Donate Services, Money & Time The current Currituck County Animal Shelter is located at 204 Airport Road, Maple, NC 27956

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