Friday, March 13, 2009

Dare County "Kill Devil Hills" Pet Celebrity

Sabrina Kill Devil Hills Pet Celebrity

Sabrina is truly the Queen of the Ramada Plaza - she has ruled the lobby reception area since spring of 1994.

The novelty is that we leave Sabrina's cage door open and she is free to walk around on it. She was two at the time.

We were acquainted with Sabrina's original owner and when she asked us to have her wedding at the hotel.

I was aware of two things - one, her finances were tentative at best - two, she owned a young cockatoo that loved to ride on her dogs back and take group showers.

Sabrina became payment for the wedding when cash was not available.

Sabrina receives letters and e mails and returning guest often come in, drop their luggage and immediately go to Sabrina and renew their friendship.

Terri Cheek, Assistant Manager 
Ramada Plaza 

Blog photo by Carol at Seaside Photography

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