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"What You May Not Know About Rabies Vaccinations"

"January 2009" Rabies Case Report in North Carolina; 

We thought you might be interested the the Following Hand Out Article provided by the Outer Banks SPCA & available at the Dare County Animal Shelter in Manteo, NC. Protect Your Pets “What You May Not Know About Rabies Vaccinations”

Vaccinate at 4 Months and After!
Dogs & Cats are required to be vaccinated at 4 months of age and are required to wear their rabies tag. Thereafter they should be vaccinated on a regular basis, as established by your Veterinarian, ensuring that their vaccinations never lapse.

It takes 21 Days for First Shot to Protect
An animal receiving its first dose of rabies vaccine is not protected until at least 21 days after the vaccine is given (as the immune system needs to respond to the vaccine to provide protection). If an animal who received its first rabies vaccination is suspected of having an exposure to a rabid animal within the 21 days, the animal must be managed as if it has never been vaccinated (either euthanized or quarantined for 6 months). 

After The First Shot, Vaccines Protect Immediately
Animals that have been vaccinated before in their lifetime are considered protected immediately upon receiving subsequent vaccinations. This is true even if there is a lapse between vaccinations, unless the animal has already had a potential rabies exposure. 

A Current Vaccination Is Not Enough If Your Pet is Exposed
Vaccinated animals that have contact with a rabid animal MUST be re-vaccinated within 72 hours of the exposure. If not, the animal is treated as unvaccinated.

Unvaccinated Animals Must Be Euthanized or Quarantined At Your Cost If Exposed Unvaccinated animals that have contact within a rabid animal MUST be euthanized or quarantined for 6 months (see below) to ensure that the animal is not going to develop rabies as a result of the exposure. Six (6) months is the maximum period of time that it would take for an unvaccinated animal to show signs of rabies disease after exposure.

Animals With Expired Vaccinations Are Treated As Unvaccinated
A vaccinated animal whose vaccination has expired must be euthanized immediately or quarantined for 6 months if exposed to a rabid animal. Quarantines in this situation are almost always at a veterinarian's office and the owner is responsible for the cost which easily adds up to thousands of dollars. Created by Dare County Animal Care & Control - Outer Banks SPCA These requirements are North Carolina's General Statutes
Please check your pet’s records and protect your pets. 
Outer Banks Veterinarians are:

 Animal Hospital of Nags Head

Coastal Animal Hospital

Martin's Point Veterinary Hospital

Roanoke Island Animal Clinic

If you live in Hyde County where there is not a Veterinarian Office, Please contact Animal Control Officer, JM Eakes, who is certified to administer vaccinations at 252-542-0807 to set up an appointment. 

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