Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Feline Hope Animal Shelter, Inc. “VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR”

Feline Hope Animal Shelter, Inc. 


This year Feline Hope acquired a new volunteer who has been simply amazing!!!! Art Pelkey from Duck has done so much to improve the shelter for the kitties, at his own cost. Art purchased two new doors, almost all glass, to see the kitties when you open the door so there is less chance of one getting out. 

He had two new locks installed on these doors which are much easier to operate than the old combination locks. He bought four new woodless windows in compliance with the new laws, no carpet no wood, and installed them. He had the old roof repaired.

He contacted John from Action Plumbing who volunteered his services to redo all the shelter plumbing. He bought and installed a new hot water heater, a much safer version than the old one. He has put up new fire extinguishers. He cleaned out all the debris from under the shelter decks. He covered the rear deck of the shelter so the volunteers won’t get wet going from the inside to the outside decks.

He constructed a new litter shed with an over head cabinet to store carriers for the kitties. He put up new lighting on the decks. He cleaned out the Kitten Kove to use as a storage area for carriers, food, and cleaning supplies. He disinfects all the carriers to store there. He bought new, safer heating units for the shelter. He has posted instructions for the volunteers on the heating units, locks etc. to make sure that they are informed of all the new changes.

He has looked into various program options for free food etc. for the shelter. He has installed new kitty doors from the shelter enclosures to the decks. His wife Pat is also a great new asset to our team. She patiently grooms the kitties, freeing them of many mats in their coats. She gives them lots of TLC while visiting them. 


Feline Hope Animal Shelter, Inc.

Blog photo of Art & Pat by Carol at Seaside Photography 

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