Friday, November 7, 2008

Hyde County Animal Control

Being a rural community Hyde County has gone years without Animal Control, other than Emergency situations where the Hyde Sheriff's Department was call in. There are no veterinary services located in Hyde County.

In April of 2006, JM Eakes became certified to provide Rabies and Vaccination shots to Hyde County Residents and pursued the establishment an official animal shelter for Hyde County.

On August 1st of 2007 JM Eakes was appointed Animal Control Officer for Hyde County. JM Eakes is a retired North Carolina Forestry Service Officer of 33 years, including being awarded a "Heroism Award" by the Humane Resources Division of NC Forestry. 

 JM's mission is: To Prevent Cruelty to Animals. Reunite lost Pets with Owners. Provide Rabies & Vaccination shots to Hyde County Resident pets. Assist the Public with low cost Spay & Neutering. Provide a safe and clean facility to house lost and homeless animals. Find loving homes for the homeless animals of Hyde County. Enforce the animal control ordinances and laws of Hyde County. Educate the Public on the welfare and responsible ownership of pets. Relocation of healthy wildlife to their natural habitat. 

Since JM started his one man operation, he as picked up over 2,000 animals. He has organized 9 Spay and Neuter Clinics at the Hyde County Animal Shelter. Over 150 dogs & cats have been spayed and neutered. JM has to appear in Hyde County Court on behalf of 8 animal cruelty cases & currently has 2 pending.

October of 2008 JM was called to the Bardge Canal at the Grain facility owned by Ben Simmons. There was a report of a large alligator being around the grain tanks. When JM arrived the alligator was under the grain elevation belt.

NC Wildlife officers were on location when JM arrived. JM assisted the Wildlife officers in removing the alligator from the grain tanks and relocating it to the Bardge Canal. Not long after the alligator incident, the Hyde County Department of Corrections called on a Sunday morning reporting a rattle snake under the modular unit at the facility. 

JM removed the rattle snake form the facility and released the (10 rattled) rattle snake at the Alligator River Wildlife Refuge. 

JM currently has 19 dogs and 2 kittens in his care at the Hyde County Animal Shelter. If you are interested in a pet adoption please contact JM Eakes at (252) 542-0807. Also donations of all kinds are greatly appreciated, especially donations of time to spend with the animals.
Don’t forget this week is “National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week” 

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