Monday, November 10, 2008

Denise Lambiotte, Director of the Dare County Animal Shelter

Denise Lambiotte, Director of the Dare County Animal Shelter and employed by the Outer Banks SPCA has been in the Outer Banks for 2 years as of this November. 

Denise Moved from Charlotte, NC to take the job of Director of Dare County Animal Care & Control. I have 25 years of service in the animal care & welfare field that started when I graduated from Fairmont State College with an Associates Applied Science Degree in Veterinary Technology.

I feel that that the majority of animal owner’s in Dare County are very responsible but would like to see more animals spayed or neutered. The amount of puppies and kittens that are turned over to the Dare County Animal Shelter is staggering. Seeing the same people bring in litters every year is very disheartening.

I have the best staff in the entire world. People who work in our field have a very special heart and commitment to the care and welfare of all animals. My favorite quote is “Blessed are the Merciful” On the other hand I am in awe with the amount of people that donate time/money/in kind donations such as food, litter and toys. We never had anything like that ever happen in Charlotte.

People come to our little animal shelter to just play with our dogs and cats along with bringing their adopted pets back to just say “hello” and let my staff know how well they are doing. There is nothing better than seeing a previous homeless pet come back to visit with a sparkle in their eyes and a wagging tail. That is what makes the job all worth while. 

I have 2 rescued dogs. Ranger is an 11 year old German Shepherd mix that was picked up off of the streets of Charlotte when he was 12 weeks old, someone had left him for dead. And then there is Floyd, a 7 year old Bassett Hound that came from the Dare County Animal shelter 1 year ago. I am Floyd’s 3rd and final home. Both dogs live the life at my home in Manteo. Ranger has a bed in every room of the house because he doesn’t get on the furniture but Floyd spends very little time on the floor since his favorite spot in on the couch or on my bed. 

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