Monday, October 20, 2008

Outer Banks SPCA 2009 Calendar Cover "Floyd"

Floyd was professionally photographed by Walter V. Gresham lll Photography to grace the cover of the 2009 Outer Banks Pet Calendar.

Floyd is a 6 year old neutered male Bassett Hound that happily lives on his couch and king size bed in Manteo. He was adopted from the Dare County Animal Shelter-Outer Banks SPCA. He is on his 3rd and final home.

Floyd has recently been diagnosed with Lymph sarcoma (cancer of the lymphatic system). He is a special needs dog that had never been house trained, has separation anxiety and loves the garbage can and loaves of bread (he snarfs them off of the kitchen counter and kitchen table if left too close to the edge).

 Floyd was chosen by the Outer Banks SPCA as a representation of their dedication to place pets in loving homes no matter how long it takes. Since January 2008 the Dare County Animal Shelter, Outer Banks SPCA has found loving homes for 151 dogs 90 cats 1 Iguana and 1 rabbit The Dare County Animal Shelter, Outer Banks SPCA currently has 17 dogs and 21 cats waiting for adoption.

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