Thursday, October 2, 2008

October is National Adopt a Dog - ALL Month!

Many dogs are at many shelters, just waiting for their forever family. There are many reasons to adopt a shelter dog. There are so many dogs to choose from different shapes, sizes, colors & ages.

Each Dog has its own unique story and personality. Most shelter dogs are mixed breeds having traits from more than one breed - Mutts Are Great :) What is this new trend with designer dogs if mixed breeds weren't so great? Designer Dog is just a fancy word for Mutt. Don't spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with a breeder or puppy mill when your perfect pal & Designer Dog could be waiting for you at your nearest shelter.

There is nothing wrong with purebred dogs either & shelters do have purebred dogs. However, if you prefer a purebred dog, your shelter can put you on a list to contract when your chosen breed becomes available or put you in contact with a bred rescue.

Please, if you are ready to commit to share your love & life with a dog forever, SAVE A LIFE. 

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