Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meet Officer L. Gilreath Animal Control for the Town of Nags Head

Officer L. Gilreath has been an Animal Control Officer for The Town of Nags Head, NC since April 2008. She feels that education is a huge aspect of her profession and hopes to help pet owners understand the importance of the Town of Nags Head's animal ordinances and laws.

Officer Gilreath feels for the most part, pet parents in Nags Head are very responsible, the only frequent complaint she gets is about dogs running at large.
Officer Gilreath stated that “It is important to keep a dog on its leash when off your property because as much as you love your pet, other people may not feel the same. 

The public has different experiences with animals and can be terrified of a small dog, or totally in love with it. It is also important to remember that your dog is more easily controlled if on a leash, you can prevent jumping on strangers or children. Also, remember to pick up poop. Not only is it gross to step in, especially on the beach, but is harmful to the environment and other animals.”

When asked about her own pets Officer L. Gilreath stated: "I am a true animal lover and have three dogs and a cat. My oldest is Chelsea, a 10 year old springer spaniel, the second is a 3 year old Akita, a 2 year old Himalayan, and a 8 month old Australian Shepard, so to say the least, I stay busy. My two oldest are rescue dogs and now live the life!!! "
Officer L. Gilreath 

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